Kong: Skull Island 2017

Kong: Skull Island Two World War II fighter pilots, American pilot Hank Marlow (USA) and Gunpei Ikari (Japan) were parachuted over an island in the South Pacific in 1944. They engaged in close combat, until an enormous Ape was spotted in the fight.

Bill Randa, the head of Monarch, the U.S. government agency Monarch, plans to search for primal animals on newly discovered Skull Island in 1973. He invites an U.S. He recruits the U.S. Army unit under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Preston Packard. Packard, a tracker, ex-British Special Air Service Capt James Conrad as well as Mason Weaver are among the soldiers who arrive on Skull Island to drop seismic explosives. Seismologist Randa’s Houston Brooks invented these explosives to track the island. Brooks’ Hollow Earth theory was also proved. Packard’s troops are on the island and begin dropping explosives from the seismic zone.

Conrad’s team meets with the Iwi locals and the older Marlow. Marlow informs Conrad’s team that the massive ape Kong guards the island against predators. He also refers to the reptile subterranean creatures “Skullcrawlers” who were awakened by the blast. They destroyed Kong’s entire race and made Kong as the last of his species. However, Ikari was killed by the Skullcrawler at some point. Conrad’s team assists Marlow complete his inflatable craft built from parts of Marlow’s. Ikari destroyed planes after Chapman was slain and devoured by the Skullcrawler. Packard insists that they search for Chapman each time they meet.

Marlow leads them through a graveyard of Kong’s relatives and dinosaurs. Randa and the other victims are killed by the Skullcrawler who fought Chapman to kill him. The Skullcrawler then gets killed by Weaver. Packard is stubborn and won’t take the advice. The group of Packard’s takes Chapman’s weapons and sets traps for Kong in the lake nearby. The non-military members return to their boat.

Marlow is seen alongside his son in the credit’s pre-end scene. In the post-credits scene Monarch is seen bringing in and recruiting Conrad as well as Weaver. San Lin and Brooks inform them that Kong isn’t the only monster king. They provide cave paintings that depict Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, as well as King Ghidorah. The final image depicts Godzilla and Ghidorah in combat.


Kong Skull Island คอง มหาภัยเกาะกะโหลก

Kong: Skull Island 2017


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